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Why should you write a will? If I don’t have much asset is this important? Can I not just write on a piece of paper my wishes?

Yes, you can. But you want to make sure, like in all contracts, that the terms set out in the will are clear and specific.

The safest way to do one is in the presence of a lawyer. He or she will advice you on the areas to look at when writing a will and this way it will become a paper that will become admissible in court.

Some questions for Will writing

It would be good if you have the following questions answered before you meet with the lawyer.

  • List of assets which you wish to give to specific someone
  • Full particulars of that specific beneficiary
  • Full particulars of your intended trustee and executor (if more than one, all their particulars)
  • Full particulars of any guardian (should you have children), and the terms of the appointment of the guardian
  • Do you wish to have a clause which states that the named beneficiary would only get their specific gift if he or she survives you for more than a certain number of days (for instance, joint death situation)
  • Any gifts to charitable institutions and if so, the identity of these institutions
  • What is supposed to happen to the residual estate, after taking into account the specific gifts

Where Do YOU Start?

There is always a need to set your wishes on paper so that upon your demise, your wishes can be followed through. It does not mean that only if you have assets then you need to get a will your loved ones on death. An example would be, who is going to be the legal guardian of your children, if something unfortunate happens to you?

We work with a Specialist Law Firm that only does Wills and Trust. That way you get the best advice and attention. We want you to have a focused session to meet your needs.