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Medisave is a savings account that can be used for your own and your loved ones’ hospitalisation, certain outpatient treatment expenses, and to pay premiums for approved medical and long-term care insurance.

Withdrawal limits are in place to ensure that you have sufficient Medisave savings for your future healthcare needs, especially in your old age.

Through healthy lifestyle habits, suitable insurance plans and sufficient Medisave account savings, you can be better prepared for unexpected healthcare costs.

Medishield Life is a basic health insurance scheme designed to help you cope with large hospital bills and costly outpatient treatments. MediShield Life covers all Singaporeans for life, including those with pre-existing conditions.

MediShield Life is sized to help with subsidised treatment at public hospitals. If you would like additional coverage, you can consider complementing your coverage with Integrated Shield Plans.

Healthcare Planning 03


We can help you to narrow down the options amongst the available plans out there in Singapore and recommend those that best fit your concerns.